Monday, June 1, 2009

A Holiday [from the world]

A Holiday

Catapulting cherry pits out the window

The lever being my tongue

Conducting the symphony (of life) with one hand

Gripping the steering wheel for the sake of hairpin turns

Wind rushing through my hair

like an adventurer blazing a trail

like I just did

to find shelter from the noise

(or the stifling silence)

...your choice...

To find the One that is often so hard to find.

There is my five minute approach to what I prefer to nominate as "hack poetry" (otherwise dubbed modern poetry.) It serves its place, but (as some fellow English compatriots agree) it is simply overrated. It functions best for journaling (which is the purpose I have granted it here.) However, lest some poor soul stumble upon my post only to find disillusionment in misconstrued verbiage, I must henceforth explain any “hacking.”
Today was one of my first “holidays” from the “real world.” Or perhaps this holiday was actually more akin to the “real world,” whereas what I live within normally is more artificial. But, to save the poor reader (oh, brave soul!) from my amateur philosophizing, I will proceed with my tale. No work today. It began on a melancholy note, for I accompanied my dear friend off to the airport for departure. Prompted by my inner despondency, I retreated on a hike out in the lonesome country. And, out where only the hicks (and/or marijuana farmers) reside, I blazed a trail to a hidden gem of a waterfall. As I basked in the sunlight, I pondered the crazed world, the sometimes seemingly (but unrealistic) remoteness of God. It was a shelter from the paradoxical noise of survival of the workplace that I find myself treading endlessly and the stifling silence of my heart in my new/old living environment.

As this post is growing cumbersome relatively quickly, I will interject. In the midst of my weighty thoughts in the midst of God's resplendent creation, I was prompted to read my hiking itinerary fully. And I learned a valuable lesson. Hear! Hear! Always read the full hiking instructions before you embark! (Lest you journey a perilous quest without even realizing!) The area I was thoroughly enjoying, my hiking instructions warned, was known for some riff raff. In the conclusion, the hiking instructions read, "Be wary!" With this, adrenaline kicked in, and I raced back to my car. Thankfully, it was untouched... thus it was off for more of the adventure.

Skipping some minor details* I, in my race car (or is it a Cessna?) nearly flew off some cliffs, attempting to not utilize my brakes. Those yellow signs of recommended speeds are rather conservative, don't you think? But, when I almost fishtailed out, I decided ten over was safer than twenty. And somewhere, in the midst of my race against the wind, there was a sign for cherries. Only a few signs can turn my head. Cherries are one of those things. Thus, I was drawn, like an insect to the light, to wherever these signs were leading. I say without hesitating that where these signs were leading was heavenly! There were orchards upon orchards of tantalizingly ruby fruits. Two words - must return.

And then, to top it all off, when I drove down the mountain of cherries and back wilderness, I unexpectedly met with my sixth grade teacher (one of my favorite teachers) in a random parking lot.

What a holiday.

The rest of the hack will need to be self interpreted. Wishing all those hack readers luck.

*specifically that I need to go back to the area for more hiking, but preferably with a bodyguard/friend. Lindsay... what strong, buff guys do we know in the area?


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  2. Hi, Mia!
    I need some help! :) I really don't know what to put on a blog! Is it just kind of an online journal? Do I just put things I did or something in it? Hmmm.....