Friday, October 9, 2009

Another post of my grand adventure last Sunday. Sabbaths are wonderful.

Still trying to come up with a grander adventure for this Sunday.

Went through Portmeadow. It is this lovely walk along the Thames. In the sunshine, it cannot be compared.

Along the way, there was an abbey in ruins... it was beautiful. Up top is a photo through the main window. I've also posted more for your enjoyment below.
This photo of the little lass is my favorite. She is trying to

dandelions... it was darling. Work on those cheek muscles, dear!

Here's a classic photo - climbing the ruins! It's incredible to scramble up something hundreds of years old and not get in trouble.

The final destination of the adventure was a pub by the name of The Trout Inn. It is supposed that Tolkien modeled The Prancing Pony. This is the back porch that has the river running through it. A little bit of Bree.
This has been a bit of the adventure. Hope you have enjoyed the wild ride. Please stay tuned for more!


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