Friday, October 9, 2009

Lake District! (my favorite part of the Oxford experience so far!)

This is the amazing trip of midterm break! Will post more photos soon. (Soon is a completely ambiguous word.)

Here are a hodge-podge of my favorite Lake District photos! See if you can match these captions with some of the photos.
1) Dustin attempts to smooch an ancient polar bear.
2) Genny and I pose for a glamour shot.
3) A triple black and white take on the ancient murder painting of Robert Dudley's wife, dead at the bottom of the stairs. An unfortunate, yet convenient, death. Google it for more info.
4) Kate = missing column.

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny! I miss your spunky personality. :)

    I got to have chocolate cake today! Gabrielle made it for my and my family. YUM! Yes, we should totally skype very soon.

    I love your pics and the little stories behind each one. I'm so excited for you and jazzed to hear about the grand adventures. London...Yes, I understand why you might not like it. Crowds = Yuck.
    Gabrielle and I went hiking today and were "all alone" away from the world up in the wonderful mountains. Up above my house is sooooo nice, but still kinda hot and smoggy.

    MIA!!!! I have super exciting news to tell you! I really want to talk to you on Skype! Tomorrow??