Friday, October 9, 2009

Okay. Here is the post I have promised.

To catch up.

I have not posted pictures from London, nor Hampton Court, nor Portsmouth.

But to save time, I will post a few representative photos of each trip. More can be found on facebook.

This is the photo for London. Here stand my room mate and I before the Tower Bridge. Classic.
I actually do not care for London at all. Incredible museums (from the limited amount I have seen thus far) but altogether a busy, crazy city. Lots of crowds.

For Hampton Court, (Henry VIII's home) I choose to post a few.
I liked this field trip much more - probably because we were allowed to wear these amazing costume capes. Just kidding. To be honest, the art of this period seems overdone to me. It was a nice trip nonetheless.

The gardens were beautiful. For reference, please see facebook!

The rose garden was my favorite. The picture at the top of this blog shows some of its splendor.

Here is my Portsmouth photo:
There are so many more beautiful (and fun!) photos... but you'll have to check them out on facebook.

So, those are my basic pictures of field trips taken in the last few field trips.

I have not included the trip to the War Museum, which was very heavy in lieu of the focus on the Holocaust. Perhaps these photos are best reserved for in person. There is a great story behind them.

Stay posted for the best photos of all - the Lake District trip! Fabulous hiking! A beautiful four days of escape!

Much love to you all!

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