Thursday, October 29, 2009

This blog is dedicated to the honorable Doctor Reverend David Nystrom.
As you can see, Dr. Nystrom, I have successfully discovered the infamous portrait of C.H. Dodd in Mansfield College. It looks just like the one you have hanging at home.

It was no simple maneuver to enter within the fortified walls of the College. (Actually, it was much easier than I thought it would be.) Usually, the public and even other students from surrounding Oxford colleges are not allowed in the building, but they made an exception. I believe the exception was granted in part to the ridiculous story I told them. The porter did give me a funny look when I said, "Er... I'm here to find the portrait of C.H. Dodd for the Dean of Theology at my university back home. He wants a photo of it." He picked up "the tele" and rang the librarian, telling her, "I have this young woman from America here who wants to see a portrait..." I love how he needed to include the prepositional clause, "from America."

The librarian, Mrs. Alma, was so endearing and hospitable. She showed me the portrait, the library, and bestowed all manner of souvenirs on me. She only asks in return for the full story of how a duplicate portrait is hanging on Dr. David Nystrom's wall in California. I concur. And the question is, were two portraits painted? Or is one the original, while the other is a reproduction? They look identical to me.

I unfortunately did not bring my camera. It was rather a spontaneous adventure to Mansfield College. Hopefully I will go back soon (I received an invitation back to visit!) and take some photos of the grounds and the library. The library is the most beautiful I have seen.

Hoping that this blog will so please the honorable Doctor Reverend David Nystrom. Also hoping to be able to visit the honorable Doctor Reverend David Nystrom when I am home for a month in December. I miss your classes.

PS - the librarian knew of you. That was exciting!
PPS - Lavender toed socks?

Seize the day,


  1. I LOVE it! I even sent Dr. Rev. Professor David Nystrom a special email linking him to this wondeful post.

    Mia the Magnificent at her best. :)

  2. Mia, would you really expect anything less from a librarian? Loved the story! Hope you are having a great time.

    Kevin Pischke - WJU Library Director