Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Adventure Begins...

Here I am at the Vines! A quick recap of the last two days.

I love it here. It is beautiful. My room is like a magical attic room with windows that open onto the roof and a view of
the treetops blowing and the spires of the city in the d
istance. We can hear the church bells!

My roommate is a gift from God. Her name is Heather, and already we are making our room feel like home.

Highlights thus far:
Walking the city.
It is just unbelievable that I can walk through buildings of the 1300's. With our special Oxford Student card, we can tour just about every building for free, where the public cannot usually enter. How exciting!
Building look like this everywhere:

By our home at the Vines, there is a community garden! I volunteered my services th
ere, in hopes of working in the ground and receiving veggies as payment. The lady kindly took my email down and gave me some fresh (giant!) beans! Made my day!

Went to the Eagle and Child. For my first drink, I sat where the Inklings would have held their writing discussions.

Laura and I shared fish 'n' chips, while my roommate, Heather, had Banger
s and Mash.

Today, we visited Christ Church for our first Sunday. It is the oldest church in England, so I understand. Amazing. I wish I could have captured the interior.

And a quick look at the Bodleian Library. Here my roommate and I stand next to one of the entrances.

We have yet to enter into the actual library. Mariah, Harry Potter had two scenes filmed in this room.

Ta ta for now! Must go seize the day!

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