Sunday, September 6, 2009

London, England
September 4, 7:42 AM

I am here! I cannot believe it still - on the bus to my new home! So ethnic, diverse, and big!

It's becoming reality!

Oh! And as of now I am starting a travel tip and memory guide with a wacky twist:

1) Before departing - buy a strange flavor of gum. Like mint mojito (a cocktail in a gum... odd.) It will forever remind one of the excursion.

2) Same thing with a playlist on the ipod.

3) Choose a theme song for your trip. Mine is "Breakaway." Not corny... very true.

4) Have awesome friends that send you off with all manner of goodies!

5) Of course, thank the awesome friends profusely and realize you do not deserve them.

6) Pack a bagel. They're like hardtack... only better.

7) Don't journal while on the first bus ride. There is so much important sights to see!

8) Look starved - people will donate airplane food to you! Amazing compassion! (Or is it that people don't value airplane food?)


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