Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There is just so much to write about. If only time coincided on those grounds. But, alas! I have hardly any time to bide. I must write... and write furiously.

Right now, I am in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It is beautiful. Rows and rows of books. I feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast. This is a piece of paradise for me.

I cannot even dream of where to begin on relating what I love about being here.
Assuredly, I should begin with the people I am privileged to live with. Such a fantastic group of brilliant individuals. My favorite moments of time are the durations spent after dinner with a group of philosophizing intellectuals, discussing God and who He is. I love that these aren't the classic, quote the Bible verse speech that we hear in church. These are hard questions... questions that arouse debate... questions that spark other ideas. We were discussing the idea of perfection last night. Heaven is never said to be perfect... and that leads to what do we know of afterlife anyway? Then one might ask if perfection is a stagnant word. What if perfection was a continuing process? Would that then be tied to time and space? Somehow that led to what infallibility means and language and then God's presence (or absence.) As you can see, it can be hard to tear oneself away from these deep conversations. I thrive off these hours.

I have a friend here - perhaps I will get a picture to post someday - who challenges my thought pattern in every way. Christo, strangely enough, dreams of building a school in an impoverished country. Not necessarily living there, but building it nonetheless. Ironic. My greatest dream also, except that I wish to live there among the people. But, Christo keeps challenging my world view, which I find refreshing.

On to another subject. Food groups!
We have established a new system for eating hot meals four nights a week. (Excellent!) We have named our group of thirteen members the "Hungry, Hungry Hippos," which sounds most becoming, does it not? You can reference my picture with Grant and Bryce previous for my team. They want our mini-team to be named "Mia's Minions." I refuse that name. I believe that "Kamikazees" suits us better. We made (successfully) homeade pizza for all thirteen hippos last night. It was delicious. (And not too hard!)

Saw my first hedgehog ever two nights ago, when I purchased my bicycle. Thought it was a strange sort of weed initially, but then it moved! Gracie would be thrilled.

Went to the farmer's market and covered market today. Next week I will buy duck eggs; they are cheaper than chicken eggs. Got port cheese for 2 pounds.

So, I must away to my "Robin Hood" case study paper. Did you know that Robin, in reality, was most likely a terrible rogue that pillaged and plundered for his own betterment? Sadly so. But I am arguing that the fact does not overshadow the truth. The legend of Robin will live on beautifully!

Got to seize the day!

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  1. Oh, I miss you Mia!! But it sounds like you are having a grand time!! Soak it up my friend!! Seize the day for all of us who can't be there with you!!
    Love you lots!! :)