Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I hear I have blog followers. So to prevent riots from my lack of blog initiative, I shall write. Not much... just enough to satisfy. Perhaps.

Here is a picture of the tea from Sunday.

Lovely to have tea every few hours of the day. There are three types of teas. The kind with only tea, the kind with a cookie or scone, or the kind with a massive del
icious assortment of goodies. (The last is the noteworthy tea in my own mind.) Notice my lovely roommate and friend, Laura.

Started my British Landscape class this Monday. It is fabulous. Here's another random shot from one of our excursions after class.

Wycliffe Hall, where I am studying, was founded in 1877, which is recent for most halls. I am a member of four institutions through this program. First, my home, William Jessup University. Second - the SCIO program, which is the study abroad program I come through. Then I am a member of the Wycliffe Hall, since individual colleges make up Oxford. Lastly, I am a student of the vast Oxford University. I'll have to take a photo of my card! It will be my greatest keepsake from this trip.

And a funny commentary. My first introduction to British pillows.
They are flatter than tortillas. What happened to supporting one's neck while sleeping? Here, Heather demonstrates the ironic powers of a pathetic pillow.
PS - this is my new favorite food that I devour in our hall as if I am preparing for the hibernation months of winter. (I must say that
hibernation is very similar to the period of time that elapses between lunch to my next breakfast. Dinners are miniscule here for me!) A grand introduction to yoghurt and passion fruit preserves. Delicious!!!

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