Sunday, September 6, 2009


Expectation and patience do not mix well.

Only a day left until I am there though - I will wait patiently (or attempt to...)
The last flight was more interesting. I acquired an alias - Amitava Sarkar. (Do I look like a dashing East Indian man?) It was a bit confusing (and there was even a time when I thought I might not make the flight!) But, I figured if God has helped my blunders thus far to succeed, He is in control. I made it into my seat with my proper name restored, seated by the window for my second flight! What a pleasant surprise!

And for my troubles, I received a free snack! (It is worthwhile to possess an alias!) And I had the opportunity of speaking with a soldier returning from Iraq. We spoke on his views of the War. Interesting yet melancholy views - he sees America should not be in Iraq. He feels his years served were wasted time, not spent fighting for his country, but another that did not desire his aid. What a perplexing situation!

Well, boarding starts for the last flight! Must say cheers for now!

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