Friday, September 11, 2009

On a roll here.

The pictures are uploading at a rate I can hardly believe (and I can hardly believe this rate will last!) Right now, I would very much like to be sleeping with my new and improved pillow that I discovered naught but last night, but I choose to write.

There is so much to ramble about. I am learning at a magnitude that is nearly overwhelming, yet having a ball with many new friends. Let me introduce you to these people. I wish you could meet them all in the flesh and blood, but this will do for now.

This is Simon Lancaster. As our Australian-born professor/teacher/history expert/caretaker/comedian, he is a man of many hats (and talents!) I so enjoy Simon. He showed us around Old Sarum, which was my favorite place on our field trip. What a set of fabulous ruins! Here he is pointing out where a doorpost would have been hundreds of years ago.

This is Genevieve. She is amazing. Also my nifty running partner. I love her wit. This is taken today at Stonehenge.

This picture has three girls: Genevieve, my roomie, Heather, and Laura. Splendid people!

This is my newly created food group. I have dubbed us the kamikazes. These guys, Grant and Bryce (the egg destroyer) are my new pupils. God save me! (Actually... we are going to have so much fun, and God knows I love to teach!)
So, this room is in Christ Church, which we visited today. It is also the room most associated with Harry Potter films. The sets were created to double this room. In this room rest world famous oil paintings of famous people whom attended Christ College. King Henry VIII's portrait heads the room, which, as far as I am concerned does not impress... in a good way, at least.

Here I stand with my most beloved poet.
Pseudonym Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) is also one of my favorite authors. Did you know that Alice was a real child, who was daughter of the dean of Christ Church?

Here is the door to their abode. The Queen of Hearts was modeled after Henry VIII (always beheading people for sport, just like the Queen of Hearts!) The White Rabbit was intended to resemble Alice's father, always busy with a task at hand. What important facts to learn!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. It was such a grand field trip to see Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum, and Stonehenge. So much to tell. But I suppose you will have to take tea with me to find out the details.

This would be a live representation of Stonehenge. (Not drawn to scale.) And unfortunately, I was the only crooked stone. The
"weakest link..."
And a quick Salisbury Cathedral photo...

Today my dreams came true... I had Bailey's Irish [ice] cream with my roomie, Heather! Amazing, homeade creaminess. (Although, not as good as Superiors!)

So that is my update for the time being. London calls tomorrow like the siren called to Odysseus. Hopefully it will be less treacherous.

Cheers, my friends! God keep you!

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