Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am trying to go to bed in the next couple minutes.

-I scored a bike of craigslist. Call me shopper of the Oxfordian year. Bicycles are tough to get for a decent price. I got mine for about 60 pounds (that depends if I can haggle it down.) It's not my beauty at home, but it will get me around. Just pray that
I can hold my left-side of the road Brit mentality. No longer "left, right, left." I need to look "right, left, right."
-That adventure to get the bike was definitely interesting. Writing it in my real journal later.
-Tomorrow is Stonehenge. And Old Sarum and Salisbury.
-I found one other morning person. He gets up at 6 AM too!
-Had a great conversation with a Muslim today. Supposedly, he is going to take me to mosque sometime with some of my friends. Then to a Pakistani eatery for discussion. So interesting.
-Tried again to volunteer in the community garden near my house. Unsuccessful attempt numero dos. I recall the wise words... "try, try again!"
-Oh, and my 6 AM friend, named Bryce, tried to make scrambled eggs
tonight. The guys here (actually, most people) just are confused about cooking. He must have had about an egg wi
th a
half cup of milk. It looked like cottage cheese. I took a picture while making fun of him. He took it all so well.

Good night!

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