Saturday, September 19, 2009

I hope this blog is found intelligent and entertaining at the same moment to my faithful readers. There is nothing quite so distasteful as a boring journal where one blabs about nothing for a great while. That is the antithesis of my goal.

There is so much to write about. (My mind is overflowing with goodness!) Yet, again, time escapes me. Thus, this shall be abbreviated.

I do have many more photos to post. Since I last wrote, we have traveled to London and to Hampton Court (where Henry VIII vacationed.) Both were interesting, but not my favorite trips.
At this time, I have my first case study due on Monday. It is an eight page paper on the character of Robin Hood. Very interesting findings. Fill you in on it later. I am almost finished and ready to step into editing mode.

Today has been marvelous. I went to a local farmers market on my bike (what could be more glorious?) There was freshly baked bread, eggs, home made cheese, Middle Eastern food, vegetables and fruit for the harvest season, and silk scarves. I got milk in a glass bottle, and every week I am supposed to bring it back for a refill. The cows live on a farm, free range, right down from where I live. Got some falafel (much to Lindsay's chagrin,) and a loaf of grain bread. Plus I got turnip and parsnip and runnabeans (how do you spell that?) and carrots... etc., etc. I am thriving here. (We will see if I still say that after I turn in my paper...)

When I was little and I dreamed of who I'd be and where I'd go, I'd always hoped to study in Oxford. England, I imagined, was the land of my favorite tales - where I could smell the veggible foremole baking nicely in the oven (for all those Redwall fans out there,) see an old library encrusted with dusty books (like the Duke Humphrey's library in the Bodleian,) sit around a pub table with friends like the Inklings, debating philosophy, anthropology, and whatever else I so desired. And I envisioned the woods to be the greenest of green - a place where Peter Pan might fly past you at any moment and Robin Hood dart out of the glade. And it's all true. I am thrilled. Can you see the picture I am painting before you?

Or perhaps I should point to the ten hours of sleep I reaped last night. Perhaps that's why the world is so lovely!

Well, I am going to go write. Obviously, I have a need to spurt words and phrases at this moment... I feel I could write a book at the moment.


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  1. You stated: "I hope this blog is found intelligent and entertaining at the same moment to my faithful readers."

    It most certainly is to me! Keep it up. I'm sure that the other readers such as Lindsay and whoever else I don't know about just love to hear about what you are doing or thinking about in England.