Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick update.

So, went to London on Saturday as an optional field trip. If I didn't realize in San Francisco how much I dislike the booming city, I needed to experience London. Crowds... everywhere. But, it was so worth it to dash through a smidgeon of The National Gallery. There is nothing quite like standing before Michelangelo's work in awe of its resplendency. Can words truly express the unreality of that moment?

Cannot wait to go back to the British Museum and the Gallery. My friend, Christo, says that he and I will go catch a Shakespearean play, hostel it, and go touring the Museum and Gallery. I am beyond thrilled.

Sunday: went to church at St. Andrews. Two Asian families then thwarted my plans to escape without notice. They asked me my nationality and promptly invited me to dinner within their homes later. Amazing what diversity within a human can do.

Then I backpacked like forty pounds of groceries around Oxford. Good practice for our trip, Mark.


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